Some People (1985), Belouis Some (1987), Living Your Life (1993)


Names, Dates, Places…

Belouis Some (real name Neville Keighley, born 12/12/59) grew up in Forest Hill, South London.
Started playing guitar and writing songs at school (Dulwich Prep, Royal Russell School).

In 1982 put a band together and started playing clubs and small venues in and around London as Belouis Some.

1983 signed by Paul and Michael Berrow to Tritec Music and Parlophone (EMI Records).

Some People 1985

Recording sessions began with producer Ian Little, engineer Pete Schwier in Good Earth, Maison Rouge, Air Studios London.
Musicians… Chester Kamen (guitar), Guy Fletcher (keys), Andy Duncan (drums), Gary Twigg (bass), Gary Barnacle (sax).

During recording, opening slot on Nick Kershaw UK Tour.

In late 1984 recording moved to New York with producers Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero (Media Sound).
Musicians… Carlos Alomar (arrangements and guitar), Bernard Edwards, Carmine Rojas (bass), Tony Thompson, Alan Childs (drums), Dave Lebolt, Jack Waldman (keys), Jimmy Maelin (percussion), Robin Clark, Frank Simms, Diva Grey, Kurt Yahjin (backing vocals), Earl Slick (lead guitar on Target Practice), Rick Bell (sax).

Some People (album) released 1985.

Imagination video shot by Storm Thorgerson (Greenback Films) causing controversy because of full frontal nudity.

Some People video (Storm Thorgerson) shot in Aldeburgh UK and used as Swatch TV commercial in North America.

Supports Frankie Goes to Hollywood on North American tour (May/June 85).

Round Round (Pretty in Pink film soundtrack) produced by Bernard Edwards, recorded in L.A. (Aug 85).

Jan 1986 Imagination re-released in UK, followed by Some People.

Opening slot on Queen’s Magic Tour Summer 1986 (Paris, Manchester, Knebworth Park).

Belouis Some 1987

Recorded at Right Track New York City, Sept – December 1986, mixed Eel Pie Studios London.

Produced by Gary Langan and Guy Fletcher.

Musicians…Guy Fletcher (keys and arrangements), Carlos Alomar (guitar and arrangements), Chester Kamen (guitar), Geoff Dugmore (drums), Carmine Rojas (bass), Jimmy Maelin (percussion), Robin Clark, Gordon Grodie, Carlos Alomar, Guy Fletcher (backing vocals), Lenny Picket, Stan Harrison, Steve Elson (The Borneo Horns, brass), Earl Garder (trumpet), guest appearances Julian Lennon, Neil X, Pete Townsend.

UK/ European Tour Spring 1987.

USA Tour 1988.

1989 formed The Big Broadcast, touring the UK playing small clubs and venues.

Living Your Life 1993

In 1991 signed to BMG Records, album recorded and mixed in Marcus Studios London.

Produced by Nigel Butler and Geoff Dugmore.

Musicians… Karl Hyde, Phil Bishop, JJ Belle (guitar), Jeremy Allom, Nigel Butler, Robin Goodfellow, Toby Anderson, Peter Oxendale (keys), Steve Barnacle (bass), Geoff Dugmore (drums), Patti Layne, Candy McKenzie, Trippy Guru Mamas (backing vocals).

1995 released Let Me Love You For Tonight (written by J.Ferrer) produced by Richard Stannard and Matt Rowe.

In 2019, Belouis Some performed at the Let’s Rock 80’s summer festivals across the UK.


Some People (1985)

“Some People” (3:57)
“Stand Down” (3:11)
“Imagination” (3:32)
“Walk Away” (3:05)
“Aware of You” (3:42)
“Target Practice” (4:28)
“Have You Ever Been In Love” (4:02)
“Tail Lights” (5:40)
“Jerusalem” (5:43)

Belouis Some (1987)

“Let It Be with You” (3:30)
“Stranger Than Fiction” (3:34)
“Some Girls” (4:41)
“Passion Play” (4:13)
“Animal Magic” (4:33)
“Dream Girl” (5:03)
“My Body” (4:09)
“Wind of Change” (4:48)
“What I See” (5:44)

Living Your Life (1993)

“Something She Said” (4:20)
“Sometimes” (4:58)
“Living Your Life” (6:37)
“Summer Rain” (4:15)
“Wonderful Life” (5:05)
“Birthday in Paradise” (6:30)
“New World” (3:45)
“Little China” (4:42)
“Total Control” (6:04)


1984 “Target Practice” (initial version)
1985 “Imagination”
1985 “Some People”
1986 “Target Practice” (re-issue)
1986 “Round Round”
1987 “Let It Be with You”
1987 “Animal Magic”
1988 “Some Girls”
1993 “Sometimes”
1993 “Something She Said”
1995 “Let Me Love You for Tonight”